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Community Council

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(Meetings held in the Media Center)

Open to the Public

Thursday, September 7, 2017 @ 3:45pm
Thursday, November 9, 2017@ 3:45pm
Thursday, January 11, 2018 @ 3:45pm
Thursday, March 8, 2018 @ 3:45pm
Thursday, May 10, 2018 @ 3:45pm

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2018-2019 Trust Lands School Plan

2018-2019 School Trustlands Report

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2015-2016 School Plan

2015-2016 Final Report

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Invitation to parents to serve on our Community Council

As a parent you have the opportunity to serve on the School Community Council. If you were to serve you would have the opportunity to help us do the following:

  • Increase student performance through appropriate use of School Land Trust monies.
  • Safe school committee. Influence student safety policies (Safe Walking Route).
  • Be involved in helping develop a school improvement plan.
  • Develop a parent involvement policy.
  • Develop a school parent compact.

We would love to work with any parents willing to contribute to our school and look forward to working with those already on the council. All meetings are open to the public and a meeting schedule can be found the school website.

March, 2017

Community Council Minutes for March

In attendance:  Rod Broadhead, Cindy Galt, Russ Gifford, Mrs. Moody, Mrs. Gardner

Topic discussed: 2017-18 Trustland and Title I plan.

  • Trustland will pay for a 10K music teacher and approximately 42K for reading interventionist paras.
  • Title I will pay for a half a teacher, a reading consultant, 2 SEE students, and approximately 4 reading paraprofessionals.

Community Council approved the budget.

February, 2017

Community Council Minutes for February

In attendance: Kyle Campbell, Cindy Galt, Russ Gifford, Mrs. Gardner, Mr. Abraham, Mrs. Poulsen

Topic Discussed: School wide behavior intervention

  • Because of increased severe behavior concerns, they have been working with 3 school psychologists to create a better behavior plan.
  • The school has a para each day that works with some of the students with the biggest concerns.
  • If the behavior concerns are severe enough that parent help and collaboration with teachers and trying many different interventions, then the student will work in more of a one on one setting to help them with skills in the classroom.

September 17, 2015

• Present: Mr. Cottam, Mr. Broadhead, Mrs. Galt, Mr. Gifford, Mrs. DuFresne, Darlene, new

member (should've remembered his name), Ryan & Laura Poulsen (nominated and voted in

as new pres. For the council)

• Highly Qualified Teacher Report: teachers are required to take 2 tests every so often to

show they have a broad understanding of concepts and understanding of pedagogy/teaching

skills. All our teachers have passed that test.

• (CSIP) Consolidated school improvement plan: in November the school board assesses

and improves curricula

• (GVC) Guaranteed and viable curriculum for each grade level. In the Utah state curricula it

would take 23 years to teach everything. Grade level teachers at each school decide what to

teach (they are surprisingly close to other schools according to Cottam)

-The board breaks down the essentials. 1st year is "have to know", 2nd tier introduce

subject but doesn't have to me mastered, helpful for the next school year, last tier is the

extras that are nice to know but not entirely useful.

- Kids will have more ownership of "this is what I'm learning and this is where I need to be",

will be discussed at SEP's. May not be progress toward some subjects that haven't been

introduced yet.

- Discussed having the GVC posted and what we teach and why. My Math seems to already

do that.

- Trust land (state fund) is $32,000:

- $17,000 went toward 70 Chrome books. 60 went toward a complete new computer lab

(to facilitate using success maker (differentiates in math and language) & imagine

learning labs (language development for K, 1st & 2nd).

- $10,000 toward our certified music teacher (on Monday's & Wednesday's, part of her

salary comes from Beverly Taylor Sorensen, the state program & Panorama Elem).

Julie Heaton ($8,000 reading intervention (Americore program gives her a stipend also).

The $2,295 went toward Brain Pop ($200 increase fee) which is used in class and home.

- Title 1 (federal money) budget $179,870.53:

- For every kid that qualifies we get $435, then the district gives an extra $30,000.

- $9,750 goes toward teacher training

- $3,250 is a parent involvement fund (which helps parents get involved in the school.

Last year it went toward school barbecue. (Paid for literacy & math night as well)

- $107,000 Pays for 2 additional teachers. 22-24 in a class vs. 27.

- Pays for a full time science teacher (12-30 min. Science classes a couple times a week)

- $18,116 went toward technology (some went to carry over to help with budget cuts)

- Deadline is the first day of October (85-90% of boundary qualifies). iPads and computers

could be removed if our school doesn't qualify.

- Discussed ways to make sure families are applying for title 1.

May 7, 2015

Community Council Meeting

May 7, 2015

Members in attendance: Mr. Cottam, Mr. Broadhead, Mrs. DuFresne, Jeramiah Farmer,

Brittney Farmer, Sadie Jaggi, Michelle Marshall

Parking--north side of the school parent pick-up parents are getting out of their cars so

cars aren't moving forward making it difficult for parents in the back to get heir kids.

Parent Nights--schedule all nights prior to school. Barbecue was fun--continue with no

games--maybe bring balls out to allow for spontaneous games. Family movie nights?

Maybe an early barbecue next year.

Communication--Remind. Hallr.

Surveys--What type of communication? Do you feel welcome in our school? Do

teachers/staff listen to me?

January 15, 2015

Community Council Meeting

January 15, 2015

Members in attendance: Ms. Galt, Mrs. Jaggi, Angye

Lancaster, Jeramiah Farmer, Brittney Farmer, Ryan

Poulsen, Laura Poulsen, Mrs. DuFesne, Mr. Cottam

Attendance--across all grade levels attendance has

dropped over the last few months

Parking--better flow, things are looking good, east field gate

opening is helping

Buses--trying out no waiting lines, allowing kids to board

as soon as their bus arrives

Parent Nights (Literacy Night)--possible BBQ and star

gazing, turn Moms and Muffins into Moms, Muffins, and

Math and Dads, Donuts, and Digits

Buying 100 chrome books--money would be coming from

Title I rather than Trust Land

Next meeting--March 19, 2015

November 13, 2014

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Community Council

Members in attendance: Michelle Marshal, Sadie Jaggi, Jeramiah Farmer, Brittney 

Farmer, Mr. Broadhead, Mr. Cottam, Laura Hessen (school board)

SAGE test results: Language Arts 38%, Math 50%, Science 38% 

 -looking at numbers in all sub-groups

 -in-school interventions 

 -individual grade level scores (grades 3,4, 5)

PBIS (Positive Behavior)

 -Raptor Praise Ticket

 -Celebrity Book

 -prize drawings

 -Peer Praise Ticket

Next meeting: Thursday, January 15

September 25, 2014

Community Council Meeting 
Wednesday, September 25, 2014
Members in attendance: Michelle Marshal, Angye Lancaster, Jeramiah Farmer, Brittney 
Farmer, Andrea Matthews, Russ Gifford, Rod Broadhead, Sue Stewart, Laura Poulsen, 
Sadie Yaggi, Cindy Galt, Darlene Moody
New member election: Sadie Yaggi (parent), Russ Gifford (staff), Darlene Moody 
 -Sadie, Darlene, and Russ elected unanimously
School-wide Plan
 -100% of students understanding concepts taught in the classroom
 $181,000 allotted to Sandstone
Next meeting: Wednesday, November 13 @3:45 in the library
Agenda: SAGE test results and Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS)

March 26, 2014

Community Council Meeting
March 26, 2014--Media Center
Members in attendance-Rod Broadhead, Paula DuFresne, Andrea Matthews, Angye Lancaster, Ryan Poulsen, Jeramiah Farmer, Matt Yardley, Michelle Mitchell, Cindy Galt, Mauri Webster, Sue Stewart
--Minutes from last meeting (maybe)
--SAGE Testing
     --kids are not yet proficient in keyboarding making it hard to test
     --lots of stress (too much!) on students, what can we do to de-escalate?
2014-15 budget proposal
     --one paraprofessional
     --Beverly Taylor Arts Grant (music teacher)
     --Brain-Pop (school-wide)
     --writing material/software--depending on what state requires/will provide
       --replace older technology
     --any extra money would also go to technology
--budget proposal unanimously passed in the affirmitive

February 19, 2014

January 15, 2014

Community Council Meeting
January 15, 2014--Media Center
Members in attendance:  Mr. Broadhead, Mr.  Cottam, Mrs. Matthews, Jeramiah Farmer, Brittney Farmer, Michelle Marshall, Mrs. DuFresne, Ryan Poulsen, Ms. Webster, Mr. Yardley
--Review minutes from last meeting
--Review budget
     --$7500 extra in our budget
       --purchased 30 i-Pad minis for the lower grades and cases (8 kindergarten, 12 each to 1st and 2nd grades)
     --hoping to purchase another set of 30
PTA is replacing the sound system in the multi-purpose room.  Just waiting on specs from the district
--School Improvement Plan
     --each grade has a specific day for enrichment activities
     --Times Tables Mastery
--Working toward using more social media
--Mr. Cottam talking about Success Maker
     --more students are passing subjects they did not in the past when they have Success Maker (as per a study done by Pearson)
     --Mr. Cottam is hoping Title I will continue to pay for Success Maker but we'll make the effort to keep it since it seems to be an equalizer 
--Next meeting February 19 @ 3:45

November 13, 2013

October 9, 2013

Community Council Meeting
October 9, 2013
Members in attendance:  Andrea Matthews, Angye Lancaster, Jeramiah Farmer, Brittney Farmer, Rod Broadhead, Sue Stewart, Michelle Marshall, Paula DuFresne, Ryan Eves, Mauri Webster
--Review minutes from meeting
--Review parking
     --note to come home with students reminding parents of all pick up options
--School-wide improvement plan
     --CRT language arts score is stable in the mid to high 70s
     --CRT math score is trending the same
     --CRT science score is improving
     --moving to collaborating with the professional community to accomplish common goals
     --dissecting common core and modifying to essential standards
     --formative assessments determine who will require mandatory interventions and re- assessments until mastery is accomplished
     --increase DWR goal to 22%
     --attendance goal increased to 97%
     --DIBELs goal to 69%

September 11, 2013

Community Council Meeting
September 11, 2013--Sandstone Library
In attendance:  Brittney Farmer, Jeramiah Farmer, Angye Landcaster, Rod Broadhead, Mr. Espinoza, Ryan Eves, Cindy Galt, Andrea Matthews, Matt Yardley, Sue Stewart, Mauri Webster, Neil Cottam, Michelle Marshall, Ryan Poulsen, Paula DuFresne
Review minutes from last meeting
     -specifically parking lot issues
     -send another note home to parents informing about the east gate opened
Community Council Elections
     -Mr. Yardley and Espinosa elected unanimously
 Eagle Scout project
     -marking parking lot "teacher/parent"
Report from school year 2012-13
     -allocation of funds
School grade report
     -Sandstone received a C (Sandstone tests 99% of students)
     -U-CAS score 424
Music program
     -at least 1 parent and 3 teachers on an art committee
     -Brittney Farmer and Matt Yardley
New council members need to watch the video from the website
Next meeting October 9

2017-2018 Final Report

2017-2018 Final Report

Document Accessibility - If you have an accessibility issue with any documents shared on this page, please contact rod.broadhead@washk12.org or call (435) 674-6460 to receive information in an alternative format.

2015-2016 Final Report

2015-2016 Final Report

Document Accessibility - If you have an accessibility issue with any documents shared on this page, please contact rod.broadhead@washk12.org or call (435) 674-6460 to receive information in an alternative format.

2014-2015 Trust Lands Final Report Summary

During the 2014-2015 school year Sandstone Elementary received $36,281. We were able to hire one part time music teacher and one paraprofessional to work with struggling readers. We budgeted $16,000 to do this. The actual cost at the end of the year was $13,409.  We budgeted $2,095 for a software program called Brain-Pop. We renewed this software in October of 2014. We budgeted $16,800 for chromebooks. We researched and purchased the chromebooks and spent $16,524. 
Those were the purchases we made. We have a carry over amount of approximately $5,000. This money will be spent during the 2015-2016 school year on technology.

"Leaving Good Impressions"

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