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Melissa Dietzel : Principal

Melissa Dietzel | Principal

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I'm Melissa Dietzel, an educator with 25 years of experience. I hold two master's degrees and a doctorate, reflecting my passion for learning. Teaching is my true calling, and I wouldn't choose any other profession. Besides education, I enjoy reading, music, spending time with loved ones, and painting. My goal is to inspire students and help them reach their full potential. Lifelong learning is a core value for me, and I constantly strive to stay updated in the field. Through my creative pursuits, such as painting, I find joy and a means of self-expression. I am grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact on young minds and the educational community. It's an honor to serve the Sandstone community.

Taysha Bundy : Title One Coordinator

Taysha Bundy | Title One Coordinator

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Melanie Del Toro : Learning Coach

Melanie Del Toro | Learning Coach

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