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Make sure your child has insurance. Schools do not cover accidents. Options include applying for C.H.I.P. (Children’s Health Insurance Program) or buying insurance through a plan (see front desk).

Free or Reduced Cost School Meals

Free or Reduced Cost School Meals

Applications available online. See school website or come to the school for personal help.
* No billing hassles when a student qualifies for free meals!
* Free/reduced meal qualifications ensures school’s “Title I” school status.



Please help us keep our children safe, healthy and happy!

* Picture ID required when checking students out of school before the bell.

* Visitors must sign in at the office and wear a guest badge.

* There is no supervision before 8:50 or after 3:40 (1:25 on Fridays).

* All students must go directly home right after school and report in to parents.

Going To and From School

Going To and From School

Walking Students: (see “Safe Walking Route” map)

*Due to the commercial and high school traffic surrounding our school, Sandstone is a NO BIKE, NO SKATE, NO SKATEBOARD, NO SCOOTER & NO WHEELED SHOE school!

*Kindergarten students who do not ride the school bus must be dropped off and picked up at the kindergarten gate by an adult or responsible sibling.

*Do not arrive at school before 8:45 (8:30 if eating school breakfast).

*Use sidewalks, crosswalks and street intersections looking both ways before crossing.

*Students must obey the city crossing guard and only cross 2450 East with the crossing guards assistance.

*Do not use 850 North to walk home. This is reserved for bus students.


Driving Students to School: (see “Drop off & Pick Up” map)

*Parents must be very careful and cautious when driving through parking lot, bus zone, and crosswalks.

*Please follow the direction arrows for flow of traffic.

*Yellow curbs are designated fire zone areas. By law, cars must keep moving, no stopping!

*Do not beckon your children through parked cars or traffic!

*Optional drop off and pick up spot on 850 North, west of the bus loading area.

*Optional pick up only on 2720 East to alleviate congestion in the parking lot at the end of the day.

*Kindergarten students who do not ride the school bus must be dropped off and picked up at the kindergarten gate by an adult or responsible sibling.

Bus Students: 

*Obey bus driver at all times. A “Bus Referral” is the same as a “pink slip.”

*Line up at Bus Stop on sidewalk, off the road, but never on private property.

*Backpacks, coats, etc. left in line do not save your place in line.

*Face forward and sit quietly while the bus is in motion so the driver can concentrate on driving.

*Never put anything out the window.

Parent Input

Parent Input

*Join the PTA! This gives you a voice in school activities and organizes volunteer efforts.

*Join the School Community Council. Help influence our use of Utah School Trust Land money.

Parent Teacher Communication

Parent Teacher Communication

*Attend “Back-to-School” night for valuable information about the school and the classroom.

*Attend “Parent/Student/Teacher” conferences/S.E.P.s (student education plan) for specific information about your student (see calendar for dates).

*Read newsletters, calendar reminders or school notes from PTA, school, grade level and or classroom teacher (please go through your student’s backpack each evening).

*Check the school website for calendar, policies, surveys, etc. at snds.washk12.org.

*Request a personal Parent/Teacher conference. These can be scheduled anytime necessary.

*Phone call or email for informal conferences and or information exchange.

*Follow us on Twitter @SandstoneRaptor.

*Occasional calendar reminders will be sent by telephone or email messaging.



*GOAL: no more than 5 absences during the year (see folder cover for points calculation)

*Call in absences ahead to the school secretaries.

*Do not send your child to school when ill (rash, fever, vomiting, etc.).



*Set a time and place each night reserved for schoolwork.

*Homework is meant for practice or reinforcement of concepts learned. There is a 10 minute ratio per grade, with 1st grade having 10 min. a night and 5th about 50 min. (not counting reading). A child’s time may vary, depending on their abilities, speed and effort. Please contact the teacher if your child is spending far too much time on homework.

*Parent focus at home: memorizing math facts add, subtract, multiply & divide (3-5 grades see Raptors of the Times Tables), handwriting, spelling & proof reading, science fair, and geography bee.

*Read or be read to at least 20 minutes a day!



*No door-to-door fundraisers! All fundraisers are strictly optional! Raptor Romp, PTA Book Fair, Dixie Direct, Box Tops for Education, & Campbell’s Labels, are currently approved.



*Please get teacher approval. All food items shared in the classroom must be store bought (WCSD Policy).



*Elementary schools do not charge fees for materials. Please note any requests by teachers or other school personnel for school supplies, etc. will have the follwoing understanding:


Special Programs

Special Programs

*Special Education services for qualifying students.

*Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program: 30 minutes of music for grades 1-5, each week by a certified music teacher.

*Kid Space: After School tutoring through Dixie State University, Community Ed.

*Read Today: Reading intervention sponsored by USOE, KSL, Americorps, & Cache Valley Bank.

School Rules

School Rules

*Common (school wide) rules posted in every classroom and throughout the school:

    1. Be Respectful

    2. Be Responsible

    3. Be Safe

*The Most Important Rule of All: Treat others with respect. Never fight to resolve a problem. Talk it out. If others lose their temper or try or hurt anyone, get help. Get an adult.


Sandstone Raptors School Wide Rules & Procedures



Computer Lab/Library

/Music Room









Be Respectful

-Inside Voices

-Take Proper Care of Property, Equipment & Instruments

-Be Kind

-Walk Quickly & Quietly

-Respect Hallway Displays

-Be Kind

-Keep Personal Space

-Inside Voices

-Listen to Adults

-Sit Where Assigned

-Approach Secretaries Quietly

-Use Inside Voice


-Play Fairly

-Use Problem Solving Strategies

-Include Everyone

-Listen to Adults

-Be Kind

-Clap & Respond Appropriately

-Listen to Adults

-Use Inside Voices

-Items Remain in Backpack

-Be Kind

-Respect Privacy

-Use Inside Voices

-Listen to & Follow Adult Directions

-Keep Personal Space


Be Responsible

-Be Ready to Listen & Learn

-Be Your Best Self

-Own Your Learning

-Follow Dress Code

-Keep Headphones Out of Mouth

-Help Keep Hallways Clean

-Go Directly to Destination

-Raise Hand to Leave

-Practice Good Table Manners

-Keep Area Clean

-Have Phone Pass

-Sit Quietly

-Dress for the Weather

-Use Equipment Properly

-Use Only the Equipment You Brought Out

-Put Equipment Back on the Rack


-Actively Participate

-Enter & Exit Quietly

-When Music Stops, Stop Talking & Full Attention is on the Speaker


-Check Seat for Personal Items

-Keep Bus Clean

-Throw trash in can

-Keep Water in sink


-Be Aware of Others

-Be Alert

Be Safe


-Use Supplies Appropriately

-Keep Hands, Feet, Objects to Self

-All Chair Legs Remain on Floor

-Walk Single File

-Face Forward

-Stay to the Right

-Stay with Your Class

-Keep Hands, Feet, Objects to Self

-Remain in Seat

-Walk Slowly

-Eat Your Own Food

-Keep Hands, Feet, Objects to Self

-Wait for Parents to Sign You out


-No Chasing

-Walk Back to Class

-Keep Hands, Feet, Objects to Self

-Only 3-4 Grade on the Monkey Bars

-Sit Appropriately with Group

-Walk with Group

-Face Forward

-Sit Down, Face Forward

-Keep Hands, Feet, Objects to Self

-Don’t Put Anything out the Window

-Wash hands with soap

-Return to room quickly

-Walk in Single File

-Find an Adult

-Move Quickly & Carefully


Positive Rewards

Positive Rewards

Sandstone Raptor’s Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS)

Pink Slips and Consequences

Pink Slips and Consequences

*Students take the Pink Slip home and secure a parent’s signature and return it to school the next day. It is to keep parents informed and allow for more communication if the parent wishes. At the beginning of each trimester students start with a clean slate.

1st offense (Pink Slip) – Lose one lunch recess, and call home made to parents.

2nd offense (Pink Slip) – Lose two lunch recesses and call home.

3rd offense (Pink Slip) – Loss of privileges until parent-teacher conference is held with teacher and behavior plan is established.

4th offense (Pink Slip) – ISS (in school suspension). 

Severe action such as public defiance of authority, theft, violence, vandalism, etc. will go directly to a 4th offense status.

"Leaving Good Impressions"

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